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Val Dore Lakes were created specifically for the carp fishing. The six lakes are stocked with similar fish in size. Every lakes get 50 lb-plus carp to up to 74 lb. Average weight is over 30lb now !!! There are 2000lb of carp per hectare (1 hectare = 2,6 acres). 
All swims offer a variety of interesting features and there are no crayfish and poisson-chat (a small, omnivorous type of catfish) in any of our waters.
We recommend to use small baits (10mm to 14mm max) The fishes are feed all the winter with 10mm pellets.
Prefer fishmeal boilies in spring and late autumn.
Use small size hook (max n°6).
Never forget that particles are very good when the fish don’t want eating boilies The best one in our water are tigernuts and sweet corn.
When the water is cold you can be successful with worms or maggots.
We are lucky in France to have a soft weather to allow to the fish to grow in good conditions. In our valley “La Vallée de la Bresle” there are plenty of lakes dug for their stones : gravel pits. In all of them you find natural big carps which is favourable with their growth. Our experience says that the best time to catch the biggest fishes are early spring (march) and late autumn (November). Usually the fish spawn late may and june but sometime when the temperatures are up they spawn earlier however they never spawn together at the same time. (don’t be afraid about it, you always can catch carps at Valdore lakes).
Enjoy the months of March and November to "fill up" with emotions.
Carps stay active at these times.
Usually we see 29.7 Kg remarkable paintings.
For 20 years, we have introduced every year every year new subjects in each waterbody. 
All our fish are in excellent health. To ensure good growth and especially good health we feed them during the winter with pellets (10 minutes) very balanced (available for sale). 
The vast majority of the stock is made up of mirror carps but nevertheless we do not count less than 25% of common carps!
The average weight is over 13 pounds in each pond.

Lake 1 : 700 carps - 65 catfish
Lake 2 : 700 carps - 105 catfish
Lake 3 : 350 carps
Lake 4 : 350 carps
Lake 5 : 700 carps
Lake 6 : 110 carps

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Is approximately 16 acres and is stocked with over 5 tons of carp to over 70lb and also holds catfish, a few big sturgeons (to 95 lb) and grass carp to over 42 lb. 
The margins offer excellent features for holding fish; the bottom is slightly ridged with the gullies being lined with shallow silt and the ridges hard. 
During the autumn/winter season small hooks (6 and 8), single 10mm boilies fished with either a stringer or PVA bag is usually the most effective method. 
During the spring and summer months, larger hooks and baits will work. Semi-fixed heavy leads are more effective at all times. 
There are 6 double swims and one single swim (peg 3). 
Two Cabins (chalet or shed) are set on swim 4 and 6 (option). 
Depth ranges from 2 meters to 4 meters – Snag-free bed.
Is approximately 13 acres and is also stocked with over 5 tons of fish with carp to 74lb and also grass carp and catfish to over 154lb !!! 
There are 4 double swims and 4 single swims (pegs 9, 10 , 11 and 16). 
One Cabin (confortable chalet or shed) is set on swim 12 (option) 
There are also perch to over 3.5lb and some very good roach if you fancy swapping a carp rod for some daytime float fishing.  

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Is approximately 8 acres and is stocked with carp. 
Carp in Lake 3 can reach a similar weight to those in the other lakes. 
It offers 4 swims and 6 anglers maximum at any one time. 
The whole lake can be booked by a group of up to 6 anglers for £928 (1200€). 
Only whole lake booking is possible on that lake from april to october. 
The biggest carp here is 62lb. 
This lake is close to the office and all facilities. 
Depth ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 meters – Snag-free bed.
Is smaller at just 8 acres. It is stocked with 2 tons of fish, primarily carp, and offers easier fishing. 
The biggest carp is 62lb. 
Average weight is 22lb. There are 3 double swims (pegs 21 - 23 - 25 ). 
The whole lake can be booked for up to 6 anglers (or 8 anglers with a maximum of 3 rods each) for £928 (1200€) per week. 
This lake is close to the lodge and all facilities. 
Depth ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 meters – Snag-free bed.
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Is approximately 13 acres and is also stocked with over 700 carp to the mid 67s along with few grass carp. 
And few sturgeons. 
Large transmontanus sturgeon (up to 95b) can also be targeted. 
There are 5 double swims and 2 single swims (peg 26 and 31) available on this lake. 
Depth ranges from 1 to 4 metres – Snag-free bed. 
There is a single island in the middle of the lake (accessible from the bank).
Is approximately 3 acres It is a RUN WATER stocked with 110 carps to the mid 56s along . 
It is a whole lake booking for 1 to 2 anglers maximum. 
(Fishing on a pool also possible). 
It is really next to shower block and restaurant. 
Two electric points available on this lake.
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Regulation for carp & cattfish
This regulation is intended to respect carp, nature and fishermen. This is why we insist on calm and cleanliness. This regulation is subject to change at any time.
The fishing is practiced exclusively in NO-KILL with a maximum of 3 rods / fisherman. 
The number of canes allocated to fisherman load is never shared between fishermen. 
Accompanying persons do not participate in any case directly in the fishing, They can however help the fisherman to exhaust the catches. Night fishing is allowed. 
The conservation bag is STRICTLY forbidden (even for the fisherman alone). 
A tip allows you to keep a fish for a few minutes in a net by placing it on two supports like a cane at once and soaking the net in the water. 
The use of a boat is prohibited on our ponds. The radio-controlled boat is authorized as long as it does not cause discomfort to other fishermen. Fishing is allowed only on marked pitches (posts). 
Each fisherman must respect his fishing zone (see map). Captured fish must be returned to the same pond where they were caught. The conservation of the fish out of the water must be as short as possible - MAXI 5 MINUTES - time for the photo followed by a release in the water more "delicate" possible. 
Sanitary are at your disposal at the entrance of the site, use them. It is STRICTLY forbidden to defile nature around the posts ...
Three rods maximum per fisherman. If you want to use a cane to fish at once, you will need to raise a carp rod. The landing net must have a wide opening. 
The reception mat is mandatory, fish should never rest on the ground. These should be handled with the utmost care and released in a MAXIMUM 5 MINUTES time. 
We strongly advise you to have disinfectant. The fishing tents and umbrella must be neutral (green, brown or camouflage) and of reasonable size. Awnings, arbours or barnums are forbidden. 
The cooking tents - kitchen tent manufactured by brands producing fishing equipment are tolerated. The booster gun is not allowed. Fishermen must have an antiseptic type "klinik" and make use of it if necessary. 
We allow the setting up in the water of a maximum reference mark by fisherman. The use of a cane devolving on the mark is authorized. It is however forbidden to place markers in trees (plastics, rags or other).
A single fish hook by line and without barb (this one can be crushed using a pair of pliers). On this subject and to respect our carp we allow ourselves to insist on this point of regulation which unfortunately is too often neglected by the fishermen. 
We allow ourselves control of your montages at any time. Line bodies can only be in nylon (no snatch in amnesia or braid of more than one meter). 
The resistance of the nylons used in line bodies may not exceed 20 lbs (d <0.38 mm). 
Leadcore at the top of the line is allowed (max 1 meter). Fixtures that do not allow the carp to get rid of the lead in case of breakage of the line are strictly prohibited.
Given the high density of fish we recommend a light boot. 
The use of uncooked seeds is prohibited. 
Tiger nuts and peanuts can be used whole in eschage but must be crushed for priming.
Night fishing is allowed. 
The fishing is practiced exclusively in NO-KILL with a maximum of 3 rods / fisherman. 
Catfish fishing is only practiced on board. 
Live fishing is permitted provided that a hook-and-tackle rig with 5/0 to 10/0 single hooks is used, a lead seal of at least 200gr and a line body of at least 15 kilos. 
We recommend you to hang your life by pricking it behind his dorsal fin. Triple hooks are prohibited. The body of line or torn off must be made of nylon to the exclusion of any other type of wire (braids, amnesia, metal snoods, etc.). 
Other techniques (lures, spoons, hand-operated death and all animal baits) are allowed provided you respect the maximum number of four rods per fisherman. 
The bag of conservation, the bundle or the binding are strictly forbidden, the caught catfish having to return to the water immediately after their capture. 
Digestive inspection of catfish is also strictly prohibited. 
The release of the catfish must be done in the pond in which it was fished. (lake # 1 or # 2).
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