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The lakes
The Val Dore complex offers two mature tree and reed-lined gravel pits for catfishing located in northern France and only 75 minutes away from Boulogne and 90 minutes from Calais or le Havre.
The lakes, set within the Vallée de la Bresle, are over 40 years old.
LAKE 1 : is approximately 16 acres and is stocked with over 5 tons of fish with carp running to 74 lbs along with a few grass carp, big transmontanus sturgeons and big catfish. 
There are 8 double swims and one single swim set (peg 5). 
LAKE 2 : is approximately 13 acres and is also stocked with over 5 tons of fish, with carp to 74 lbs, big pike, perch and catfish to over 156 lbs !!!
They offer excellent facilities for your fishing, with a good, driveable track giving access to all swims.

 The swims themselves are generous in size with plenty of room for your bivvies and room to set out your other equipment.

You may park your car at or adjacent to your swim, but please ensure that it is parked off the track to allow access for other vehicles.

All methods can produce. Livebait (we have some for you on the lake), on the bottom, rapala etc.
You can use liver, mackerel, worms or squid, etc.

but also boilies made with meat or fishmix..
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Average weight in over 50 lb. 
Best recent weights are: 90, 104, 131, 147 and 156 lbs !!!
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Regulations for catfish fishing
Fishing rules
Every anglers have to follow these rules. To respect the fish, other anglers and the nature.
These rules are not negotiable. The rules are not subject to change unless due to circumstances in which case we will endeavor to inform you in writing prior to your arrival at the lake.
Main rules
A no-kill policy is on operation at the lake. 
• 3 rods (max) per angler. Never share rods. If you want to fish roaches please leave one carp rod. 
GUEST: Guests are welcome . One guest per angler. Guest never practice angling technics or help. Guest can help only for landing the fishes and photo only. If guest brake the rules they will be consider by us as an angler and pay the rate for it. 
The sacking of carp is strictly forbidden (please leave your sacks at home).
NOT ALLOWED - The following are not allowed under any circumstances. TO FISH OUTSIDE YOUR SPECIFIED AREA.- BOATS - CARP SACKS - TO USE ANY OF THE PROHIBITED METHODS (double or triple hooks, gaffs etc.) - TO LIGHT A FIRE ON THE GROUND - TO SWIM IN THE WATER. - NO DRUNK POEPLE - TO PUT AND LEAVE ANY KIND OF MARK IN TREES ON THE BANK. ONE MARK IN THE WATER PER SWIM IS ALLOWED YOU CAN HAVE A ROD FOR IT MOVING TO OTHER SWIM : It can be possible to swap to another swim depending of availabilities at this moment. Always ask to us before to bailiffs. Time moving only from 12 am to 2 pm
Angler’s shelters must be green or camouflage (large size tent and gazebo, party tent are forbidden). 
• 3 rods (max) per angler. Never share rods. If you want to fish roches please leave one carp rod. 
• Guest never can fish at all (only can help to land the fish). 
• A no-kill policy is on operation at the lake, all fish caught must be returned to the water immediately (time for photo’s allowed) after capture. NEVER MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. 
• The sacking of carp is strictly forbidden (please leave your sacks at home). 
• Barbless hooks. Crushing barb on hook is possible. BAILIFFS can control it at anytime.
Each angler must have and use: 
• UNHOOKING MAT - Recommended min size 30» x 38» (70cm x 90cm) and at least 1.5» thick (4cm). Please have a container filled with Lake Water to hand for pre-wetting the mat and to prevent stress or damage to the fish. 
• LANDING NET - Large, min 42» (90 cm) opening. 
• WEIGH SLING - Continental and large scales. 
LEADS - lead set-ups must prove to break-free without excessive force. 
LINE - Mono only, 15lb max. Braid may be used for hook lengths, but it must be weaker than main line, super-thin braids such as fire line etc. are not allowed, if in doubt ask before you use and take alternatives with you. 
HOOKS - single simple pattern barb less. We can control at any time.
ANTISEPTIC - for treating any hook wounds.
BAIT BOATS - are allowed. Please stay within your swims specified area.
Single hook pattern fully barbless (crushed barb is tolerated). In order to respect the fish , bailiffs can control any line at any time. Use only and always mono on mainline and braid or fluorocarbon only on hook links. Leadcore is allowed for max of 1 meter (3 feet) at the end of the mainline. Lead set-ups must prove to break-free without excessive force.
Is allowed but preferably light. No entire peanuts 
or tigernuts for baiting or crush them. Entire particles could be use on 
hook. All particles must be cooked before.
All catfish caught must go back in the same water and never in an other lake.
Night fishing is permitted. 3 rods (max) per angler. Fishing always from the bank. No boat.
You can use two hooks on line but must be single.
NO BRAID ON LINE (mono only). 
No sack , no boot to keep cats . Cats must go back to the water immediately. 
Never try to explore cats stomach: forbidden. 
You may use live bait ,but not floating (surface fishing), if live baiting you must use size 5/0 to 10/0 hooks with a minimum of 30lb line 
and a 200gr lead (to avoid damage to pike). 
Catfish must go back in the same water it comes from. 
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